Outbank 2.0 for iOS

Today we are happy to release another Outbank update — Version 2.0 for iOS. This update features a redesigned user interface, a new way to navigate and many small changes to make the app better for our users. Since releasing the new Outbank in June 2016 we have constantly received and gathered user feedback and we continue to listen. 2.0 combines many things we’ve learned so far with a fitting design approach for iOS 11 and forward.

Tabbar Actions

The centerpiece of the update is the new Tabbar. The previously implemented side menu was hard to reach and not the most obvious way to present new features to our users. The Tabbar makes it easy to access all major functions of the app in one single place: Accounts, the Financial Plan, Reports and Settings. The action menu in the center also features our most prominently used functions like making a new payment, requesting money, adding fixed costs and budgets or adding an account. This structure allows us to easily add new functionality over time while making features more accessible and removes clutter from the apps Home screen. The iconography used for the Tabbar uses filled icons that fit perfectly into the current iOS design system. When unlocking the app the user is greeted by the familiar Home screen including the Timeline and list of accounts. The Financial Plan was placed as the second item in the Tabbar, leaving it’s previous position inside of the list of accounts. The center item of the Tabbar brings up a list of actions overlaying the current screen when tapped. The fourth and fifth items are Reports and Settings. Settings now also includes our Support and About sections so the users can easily contact us whenever they need help.

Transaction List

The second most notable change in this update is the change of Font. Outbank now uses San Francisco, Apples System Font. Previously the app was set in Avenir, which never felt completely at home on the platform. The typography in the app is now bolder and larger, which makes things easier to read and establishes a clearer hierarchy. Every single line of text in the app was carefully considered to craft a consistent experience. San Francisco also comes with a couple of nice features right out of the box, for example Monospaced Numbers. All the amounts and numbers in the app are now set monospaced, which means that amounts in a table can be compared faster and more easily as their length doesn’t change.


Another change we made based on user feedback is the apps color palette. Outbank previously featured a very light and low contrast shade of blue, which has been replaced by Cobalt, our new main branding color. Cobalt is a bold and saturated color that makes interactive user interface elements easy to find while not distracting the user from their finances. The new blue was also our starting point to redefine the rest of the color system. We have established a more serious and contrasty shade of green to make positive amounts more legible. Automatic tags are now also set in green instead of purple, reducing our set of main colors to only blue, green, red, orange and yellow.

iPad with Transaction Details

There are many other smaller and bigger changes in this update: Outbank on iPad has been completely rethought, now featuring a Tabbar on the left side of the screen and a two column layout that makes the most out of the iPads large screen. Transaction details have also undergone a drastic makeover. The details in each individual cell are now much easier to comprehend and the screen looks a lot tidier. This change also makes details for transactions, the financial plan and budgets consistent throughout the app. During the last couple of months we wen’t through every little detail and every major feature of Outbank and incorporated your feedback to make the app joyful to use and make it feel right at home on your Home screen.

If you want to get more updates about Outbank head over to our blog for even more information. Also try out Outbank for iOS, macOS and Android if you haven’t already!